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This is to inform you that the Harmattan Semester Examinations for all students will commence on Monday 8th March 2021 and end on Monday 22nd March 2021.


Al-hikmah University harmattan semester examinations Guidelines and instructions

1. Duly signed course registration form for 2020/2021 Academic session

2. Students identity card (ID card)Please know that no student will be allowed to write the Examinations without the above PRECAUTIONS AGAINST EXAMINATIONS MALPRACTICE

Do your revision outside the Examination room so that you don’t, by omission forget any incriminating material either on yourself or on your table.

Do not enter the examination room with any inscription on your school fees receipt or any part of your body e.g palm, arm, thigh etcDo not bring Lecture notes, textbooks, jotters, bags, handsets (Mobile telephone), programmable calculators, and calculator instructions manuals to the Examination room

Maintain absolute silence in the Examination room. Only raise up your hand to attract the attention of the invigilator if and when necessary

Avoid any kind of communication between you and any other students while the Examination is in progress

Do not write Anything on your question papers. All your workings should be done inside your answer booklet

Do not pass or attempt to copy from another student while the examination is in progress

Do not copy or attempt to copy from another student or engage in any similar activity

Do not disturb or distract any other students during the Examination.

Failure to observe any of the above instructions shall, prima facie constitute Examination Malpractice, the penalty of which is AUTOMATIC EXPULSION from the University. Please be warned.

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