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Consequent upon the management Committee’s decision at it’s meeting Held on Wednesday 29th September,2021 concerning the security situation in Offa and the polythecnic in particular,the management has therefore directed that:

The use of tinted and unregistered vehicles by students is outrightly banned.

Students will henceforth park their vehicles at designated parks on both campuses.

Staff with tinted vehicles who possesses police tinted permit are to register their vehicles with the chief security officer.(Staff are however, discouraged from using tinted vehicles on campus).

Motorcycles are outrightly banned within Mini campus,they are however, allowed to drop staff and students on main campus but must not go beyond the roundabout no matter the circumstances.

Violators of any of these directives will be sanctioned accordingly.

Staff and students are therefore advised to adhere strictly with this directives for their benefit and safety of everyone.

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