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The Nigerian Universities Commission has recently approved fifty-one new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for the Osun State University.

It will be recalled that the University had earlier requested for the Resource Verification of fifty-one new undergraduate and post-graduate programmes to enable the University to achieve its vision and mission.

The newly approved postgraduate and undergraduate programmes of the University are as follows:

1. Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management, M.Sc.,
2. English Language Education, M.A. (Ed.)
3. Measurement and Evaluation M.Ed.,
4. Economics, M.Sc.
5. Economics, Ph.D.,
6. Political Science, M.Sc.
7. Political Science, Ph.D.,
8. Human Resources Management, M.Sc.
9. Human Resources, Ph.D.,
10. Master (Professional) in Human Resources Management (MHRM),
11. Master (Professional) in Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR),
12. Chemistry, M.Sc.
13. Chemistry, Ph.D.
14. Computer Science, M.Sc.
15. Computer Science Ph.D.,
16. Zoology, M.Sc.
17. Zoology, Ph.D.,
18. Plant Biology, M.Sc.
19. Plant Biology Ph.D.
20. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, M.Eng.
21. Electrical and Electronics Ph.D.,
22. English, M.A.
23. English PhD,
24. French, M.A.
25. French, PhD,
26. Microbiology, Ph.D.
27. Law, LLM
28. Law, PhD,
29. Agronomy, MSc
30. Agronomy, PhD,
31 Animal Science, MSc
32. Animal Science, PhD
33. Master of Animal Production,
34. Agricultural Economics, M.Sc.
35. Agricultural Economics PhD.
36. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, M.Sc..
37. Agricultural Extension Ph.D.
38. Science Education, M.Ed.
39. Geography, PhD,

40. Peace and Conflict Studies, M.Sc.
41. Peace and Conflict Studies, Ph.D.
42. Masters (Professional) in Peace and Conflict Studies.
43. Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management, Ph.D.
44. Masters (Professional) in Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management.
45. Curriculum Development, M.Ed.

The newly approved programmes for Undergraduate are as follows:
46. Agricultural Engineering, B. Eng.
47. Chemical engineering, B.Eng.
48. Statistics, B. Sc.
49. Marketing, B. Sc.
50. Forestry, B. Forestry
51. Common and Islamic Law, LL. B

The University hereby informs the general public that applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the above-listed programmes for 2019/2020 academic session. Interested candidates are expected to visit the University website for more information on requirements and eligibility status.


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