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The management of the university of Lagos has released a detailed step by step guide on how to personalize and set up students email that will be required for the enhancement of the ready-to-begin virtual/online class. In a statement released by the dean of student of affairs

Compulsory University Based E-mail for Undergraduates.
The university of Lagos management has put in place a platform that ensures that all undergraduates have a university based e-mail address. This is in line with best practices worldwide.

The platform would ensure that all undergraduates have access to Microsoft Office365 and all it’s benefits.
Therefore, all undergraduates are requested to activate their individual e-mail address by following the under listed steps:

  1. Type in the URL
  2. Input the username/UPN ; username is ‘
  3. Password is ‘Unilag with the last 5 digits of students’ matric number e.g. Unilag00456. Input the password given and click sign in’
  4. Update your password.

Please note that this can also be setup on mobile phones e.g android phones after first sign – in on wen browser via

Current password is the temporary password given to you.

New Password (choose password of your choice which must consist of all or any two in the bracket (character, uppercase, lowercase and numbers)

Confirm Password (repeat the new password)

Students are expected to activate their personalized e-mail address as soon as possible as all correspondences will be through the mail.

Dean, Student Affairs Division


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