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Hundreds of students in tertiary institutions across the country are currently seething with anger.

Some are sulking in their respective closets, claiming they have genuine reasons to be sad – that they have been at home for a long while – some for an upward of four months simply idling away.

Their nemeses are the ongoing strike embarked upon by Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the vicious effects of the rampaging Coronavirus pandemic.The students are vexed that they are tired of sitting at home.

And there seems to be no hope of returning to their respective institutions to continue with life and their studies in the near future. They are unsure when the current wind of COVID-19 crisis will cease to blow. For them, this pandemic has come to stay.

And the best thing now is to learn to live with it, while figuring out ingenious ways of moving on and sustaining the battle against the scourge.

In the light of the ongoing, a cross section of the students wants the Federal Government to settle its scores with ASUU.

The students were emphatic that the Federal and state governments should re-open schools closed down in the early days when the COVID-19 pandemic swept down from hell.

They want life on the campuses to begin to bubble again. In the interim, some wished they were engaged in virtual learning. But that seems like a pipe dream for now.

Now, it is easy to understand why their anger is boiling over – why amid the raging COVID-19 crisis, they want to be back to school.

Source: The Sun

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