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Sequel to the directives by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board [JAMB] as regards the updating of Jamb profile by linking of Gmail to Candidates profile.

TEAM BABS REPORTING has received a lot of complaints from thousands of aspirants on glitches being faced during the process of the updating of Jamb profile.

Firstly ,few aspirants that were able to access their caps complained about the caps which was blank leading to my choice, Olevel result and bio data not displaying. This was owing to the 2021 admission process which is yet to commence.

The board hereby urged all aspirants to keep calm as the Jamb caps have not been activated.

While A few of aspirants who were unable to link their email successfully have lamented bitterly.

TEAM BABS REPORTING which is known for disseminating genuine information and guiding aspirants as regards any issue encountering has hereby compiled the list of likely issues and proffered solutions to it , which will be explicitly discussed in the following paragraphs:

1: Wrong parameter: Literally,It means the Candidate doesn’t follow the correct procedures.

Solution: Candidates are advised to make do of the correct format and retry it.
If the Candidate is certain that he/she does the needful and the problem still persist,he/she is advised to visit the nearest CBT accredited center or Jamb office for rectification.

2:You cannot use this facility because you originally supplied your email during registration:this issue occurs when the board released the jamb form, before the scrapping of Gmail address,some Candidates were able to register with Gmail.

Solution:Any Candidates who falls in this category are not required to link their Gmail cos it has been linked automatically.

He/she should check the Gmail mailbox on the day of jamb registration for the log in details/or click on the link jamb sent to continue registration.

3: Insufficient balance:This issue arises if a candidate has only the #50 on the sim instructed to make do for the linking of jamb profile.

Solution:Candidates are ought know that a minimum of #100 is the best thing to do.

The reason is that,the prescribed fee by 55019 is #50 and the sim used for sending messages will deduct her charges automatically.

4:This email has been used:It occurs whenever a candidate use an Email address that has been used for jamb registration during previous year.

Solution: Candidates are advised to create a new Gmail and send it to 55019 for Swift response.

5: Invalid Email format: The Email is not sent in correct format.

Solution: Candidates are instructed to check the format and make do of the correct format.

6: Incorrect password: After the completion of the email linking and the log in details has been successfully received.
Few Candidates were unable to access their respective caps owing to ‘Incorrect password’ which it often exhibits when trying to log in.

Solution: Concerned Candidates are instructed to click on ‘reset password’ by the left hand side and follow the pop up procedures.

A new Email will be sent to the registered Gmail after completing the procedures successfully.

7:Your email has been successfully updated, Check your mailbox for your profile details: Any Candidate who received a message stating this and didn’t received any message in the mailbox are urged to keep it calm.
It might be owing to network glitches.

Solution: Concerned Candidates are advised to check their spam folder for the details or give it sometime,it will arrive. If it didn’t reflect,then the Candidate can go to CBT center or Jamb office to complain.

8:You did not register for the 2021 UTME/DE: This often occurs if a candidate failed to use the sim which is used for generating profile code from jamb or were scheduled for Mop up examination.

It also happened that some Candidates were not involved in the aforementioned action but encountered the same issue.

Solution: Candidates should make do of the sim used for generation of profile code to send the Email. If the problem persist,They should visit any nearby jamb accredited CBT center or Jamb office to complain.

This piece of information was compiled by TEAM BABS REPORTING to aid and guide aspirants on issues arising from the updating procedures.

Further enquiries can be directed to us for quick actions. Thank you

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