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Management at a special meeting held on Saturday, 24th April, 2021, appraised the development arising from the decision of the Governing Council on closure of the university for academic activities and the proscription of staff unions in the institution; and decided to make the following clarifications:

1) The announced proscription of the staff Unions affects their activities within the campus and its immediate environment including all University facilities;

EKSU notice to staff and students
2) the suspension of academic activities does not include online classes which must continue;

3) all staff (academic and non-teaching) must be at their duty posts as adequate measures have been put in place to guarantee their safety without fear of molestation;

4) henceforth, the Policy of “no-work no -pay” will be enforced in the university;

5) there shall be no gathering on the campus and its immediate environment including all University facilities till further notice, without obtaining clearance from the Management.

The decisions of Management are hereby communicated for information and compliance, please.

Bode Olofinmuagun,

Head, Directorate of Information & Corporate Affairs.

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