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TODAY, 14th of April 2021

✍️103,000 students chose/applied for unilorin in the 2019 Jamb, in which only 60,000 students only were able to qualify for the admission process.

✍️52,000 Jambites and 8,000 Direct Entry aspirants

✍️The number that registered with the school I.e that are ready to be a student of the school sum up to be 44,000

✍️These Aspirants were sorted into various faculties and departments and were ranked from the highest to the lowest.

✍️In the absence of the post utme, The admimission process involves 2 variables :The Jamb score(50%) and the 5 O level
relevant subjects(50%), with an aggregate of 100%

✍️The minimum jamb score a candidate can have to qualify for unilorin admission process is 180,which will be divided by 8.

✍️ The O level is graded as A=6,B2=5,B3=4,C4=3,C5=2,C6=1

✍️If a candidate O level is not very good ,it may bring down the candidates chances.

✍️The University of ilorin is not likely to loose a session and the candidates that will be writing jamb this year will be admitted next year.

✍️The 2019/2020 session will end by June, and the senate will rectify a new calendar for the 2020/21 session.

✍️The quota of unilorin [The number of students in which the school will admit]according to Jamb is 11,671 candidates, subjected to 10% which will be given to the school,which will lead to another 1600+ candidates ,which sum up to a total of a little above 12,000 candidates.

✍️Jamb is a body on it’s own and Unilorin admission committee is a different body

✍️The admission process takes 3 processes:
1️⃣first,candidates are selected by there different faculties and departments,which are preselected and are proposed by the technical team.
2️⃣The candidates are recommended by a higher authority which is still by the university
3️⃣The candidates are then approved by jamb, in which it reflects on their jamb caps and they can either accept or reject.

✍️Candidates who are having issues concerning their jamb caps are advised to visit the nearest jamb office to them I.e Oyun in ilorin

✍️course transfer signifies that a candidate is not qualified for the initial course in which they apply for…. and the delay experienced after accepting transfer approval is expected as the name of the candidate goes through the admission process stages all over again,in the new department where the school propose again and jamb approves.

✍️A candidate of preliminary school[remedial] must score a minimum of 50[pass score] and 180 in jamb to be considered for admission.

✍️There are 980 preliminary students with those who are abandoned since last year, the preliminary students are advised to exercise patience as they will all be admitted.

✍️Admitted candidates are advised to be patient,as the delay of the admission process on the school portal is due to the fact that there are yet to be a sizable number of names to be uploaded.

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